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Who are we?

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As a start, we can say that we are just three folks trying to get the best out of ourselves.
We want to establish a new vision of the micro mobility in the Indian Ocean thanks to Apollo scooters.

We are convinced that your daily commute has an impact on the way you start your day.
If this Apollo feeling doesn't make you smile... Then ask for a refund ;) 

We love our country.
Mauritius makes us realize how grateful we need to be for our planet.
So care for it. Everyone must contribute.
Apollo scooters are
100% electric.

If you want to know how we work, maybe we could describe it in a few words:
We strongly believe in Commitment, innovation, and ecology.
We promise to be creative, dynamic, and attentive to our client's needs.

Here are the folks!


Thibault HAREL
Manager & Co-Founder

Running the operations, Thibault is the one you should call for your sales and after-sales inquiries.

Capture d’écran 2021-03-26 à 15.20.26.

Christopher ROGERS

Pushing the envelope, Christopher is implicated in every strategic decision of the company.

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