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30 KM/H



45 KM



120 KG

The perfect all-rounder.
Our Best-seller.

Rs 46,400


The City is the best all-rounder scooter, it's our 2020' best-selling scooter.

With a 600W Brushless motor for 17.8Kg, there is no compromise between power and portability.
Built with a dual suspension system and both 8.5" air-filled tires, you'll enjoy a butter-smooth ride every day.

The cherry on the cake, LED lights are available on the deck and the stem to make sure you illuminate roads at noon or midnight.

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600W  Brushless Motor

The Apollo City features a 600W brushless motor (800W peak output) reaching a top speed of 40 Km/h on flat paths.

The City will climb every 15-degree inclines with ease.
Designed for riders weighing up to 120 KG, it reaches 25 KM/H in 4.1 seconds.

After reaching your 45Km range, just put it to charge (5-7h) and hit another ride!

TRIPLE  Braking system

Equipped with a disk brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear, you'll reach an average braking distance of 3.08 meters.

In addition, every Apollo scooter comes with a re-generative electric brake system. In other words, it's a motor braking system that reduces your braking distance while recharging your battery.
The City has been designed to enjoy the torque of those electric brushless motors without putting yourself in danger thanks to the triple braking system.

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Apollo City_7.jpg

DUAL  Suspensions


The City features a spring suspension at the front and dual air suspension at the rear.
Perfect for those tough Mauritian roads.
Both 8.5" air-filled tires also act as shock absorbers and trust us, it makes the difference.

Call our Team and ask for a test drive, you'll feel the City!

LCD  Command centre

Powered by a 48V 13.2ah Lithium-Ion battery, a complete LCD display is at your disposal.

Speed, battery range, battery voltage, and other keys specs are available during your rides.
Don't miss the opportunity to personalize your scooter to make it your own, customisable settings are essential for a smoother ride.

Call our team if you need help!

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Call our Team in you need any other information



  • Motor rated power: 600W

  • Max. instantaneous power: 800W peak output

  • Top speed: 40 KM/H

  • Riding modes:

  • Gear 1: 25 KM/H max. speed

  • Gear 2: 35 KM/H max. speed

  • Gear 3: 40+ KM/H max. speed

  • Acceleration: 4.1 seconds to 25 KM/H

  • Max. incline: 15 degrees

  • Applicable terrain: streets, bike lanes, sidewalks, trails



  • Battery type: 48V 13.2aH battery

  • Travel distance (range): 40-45 KM

  • Cell origin: Dynavolt, a global leader in manufacturing high-performace batteries for motorcycles

  • Power structure: 65 x 18650 (2600mah) lithium battery units

  • Charger rated power: 54.6V 2A

  • Charger rated input voltage: 110-140V~

  • Battery voltage limit: 54.6V

  • Charging time: approx. 8 hours

  • Smart power management: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, double protection from overdischarging, temperature resistance, undervoltage auto-sleep protection

  • Standard power consumption: 2kWh per 100km



  • Frame: forged aluminium

  • Colour: black with blue accents

  • Package contents: scooter, charger, toolkit, manual, warranty card

  • Display: LED with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)

  • Throttle: index finger

  • Tire size: 8.5 inch

  • Tire type: pneumatic (air-filled) in the front and rear

  • Weight: 39 LBS (18 KG)

  • Folded dimensions: 41.3 IN x 7.7 IN x 13.9 IN (105 CM x 19.5 CM x 35.4 CM)

  • Packing dimensions: 44 IN x 10.6 IN x 18.1 IN (112 CM x 27 CM x 46 CM)

  • Max. load: 265 LBS (120 KG)


  • Front: dual white LED light

  • Rear: dual red LED light (with braking alert)

  • Stem: blue LED light

  • Deck: blue LED light

    Brake systems:

  • Front: disc brake

  • Rear: drum brake

    Motor: electric re-generative braking

  • Braking distance: 3.08 meters (10.1 ft) on dry flat asphalt

  • Tire material: inflatable rubber tires

    Suspension systems:

  • Front: spring

  • Rear: dual spring

  • Water resistance: IP54 (approved for light rain and riding on wet surfaces)

  • Recommended age: 18 to 60 years old

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